Body Corporate Management Tendering

Are you or your committee currently unhappy with your existing strata company? Not sure what to do about it? How to go about it?

SSG offer a service for buildings and their committees to source new strata companies when they are unhappy with their existing body corporate managers. SSG are industry experts in the strata community and work daily with all strata companies in Northern Rivers NSW to the Sunshine Coast. SSG are completely independent from all Strata Companies and receive no payments from the tendering strata companies.

The Steps

SSG will meet with the committee or interested owners regarding their concerns about their existing Strata Manager. Sometimes communication from SSG to the existing Strata Manager can rectify all concerns and we will always offer this as an option. If the committee are firm they want to change strata companies, SSG will identify what criteria is important to the building. Then a tendering document will then be put together for selected strata companies to tender on.

SSG will then contact strata companies that suit the criteria of the building. The strata companies chosen to tender will include companies chosen from the committee as well as companies that SSG suggest. Part of the tender will be confirming the Strata Manager who will be looking after the building specifically. The companies will hand in their tenders in a sealed tender bag to SSG. These sealed bags will not be opened until they are in front of the committee for reasons of transparency. The tenders will be then taken away and reviewed formally by SSG using the criteria of the building. This will include understanding what charges are included and what will be additional charge items. What will the expected true cost of using the preferred strata company be. This report will then be handed back to the committee with a meeting to discuss the way forward.

Once the committee recommendations have been formally accepted, SSG will set up a formal general meeting with the current strata company. To ensure all votes are captured SSG will offer their services as a returning officer for a secret ballot ensure the process remains secure and without opportunity to tamper

This service is a cost to the building administrative funds. The benefit of using SSG is that they are completely independent of all strata companies and could save the cost of using SSG plus more by taking the buildings body corporate contract to market and obtaining value for money for contracted administration services.

For more information contact Scott or Martin Phone:0434 411 030
or 0431 486 733